About Us

Our Company

HUBtechZONE is a dba of NCD Financial, LLC which has been in business since 2006. We are a small business focused on providing great quality products along with personalized customer service. Our in-house technology allows growth and flexibility in a seamless manner.

The Future

The dedicated professional team works diligently to improve the customer service experience through extensive product training. Our Procurement Officer also attends Federal and State seminars, procurement conferences, small business training programs and industry organizations such as distributor and manufacturer trade shows. HUBtechZONE employees proudly contributes to several charities and organizations as well as community improvement events.

Community Involvement

HUBtechZONE is committed to strengthening our communities through volunteerism and philanthropy. Although the growth phase began slowly with modest revenue, we continue to contribute where there is a need. We believe a culture of service delivers significant business value and drives the desire to make a meaningful social impact.